Rangerstop's Superhero  Toy  & Comic Con 
November 7-9, 2014
Some photos from Rangerstop 1!!! To see ALL of the photos from our first Rangerstop Superhero Toy & Comic Con in Orlando, Florida Check out our FB fan page at www.facebook.com/rangerstopcom
20 years of Power Rangers Panel
Cosplayers ! 
Rangerstop BOOTH !!! 
Samurai Gold Ranger! Antonio!!! 

Go to : www.stevenskyler.com to check out his music video "The Secret" & Buy his album Secret Sky !
Nakia Burrise played Tanya Sloan, the Yellow Ranger on Power Rangers Zeo and Power Rangers Turbo! Nakia returns for Rangerstop 2 ! Check out her video and make sure to add her on her Facebook Fan Page! 

Rangerstop on the Go! Hope to meet you at these conventions- Many more to be added =)!

June 28-29                   Ocala Comic Con                                        Ocala, FL.                                                                                             July 3-6                         Florida Supercon                                        Miami, FL                                                                                             July 11-13                    Metro-Con                                                     Tampa, FL                                                                                           July 19-20                    Ultra-Con of South Florida                        Ft Lauderdale, FL                                                                         August 1-3                  Tampa Bay Comic Con                              Tampa, FL                                                                                       August 8-9                  Creator Owned Expo                                   Ft Lauderdale, FL
August 7-11                 Orlando Nerd Fest                                      Orlando, FL                                                                                       August 23-25              The Official Power Morphicon                  Pasadena, CA                                                                               August 29-Sept 1       Dragon-Con                                                  Atlanta, GA                                                                               September 12-14        Fan Boy Expo                                              Tampa, FL                                                                                   September 27-28        PalmCon                                                        Palm Beach, FL                                                                         October  24-26            Spooky Empire                                            Orlando, FL                                                                                         November 7-9             RANGERSTOP                                             Orlando, FL 
November 15              Orlando Toy & Comic Con                        Orlando, FL                                     

Rangerstop's Official Convention Location & Hotel!
June 10, 2014 Alison Macinnis whom played Dana, the Pink           Lightspeed Power Ranger is announced to the Super Mega           Line-up for Rangerstop Convention 2! In Orlando, Florida           November 7-9, 2014!

June 10, 2014  Najee De-tiege joins Jason Faunt at the               Rangerstop Booth during Floridasupercon.com in Miami, Florida     July 3-6, 2014!

 May 14, 2014 -  Jason Faunt to sign at the Rangerstop Booth         during Florida Supercon in Miami, Fl. July 3-6! Stay tuned       for another FSC Ranger guest exclusively at the Rangerstop       booth!

April 16, 2014 - Catherine Sutherland, the Mighty Morphin, Zeo     & Turbo Pink Power Ranger just added to our amazing line-up     Click on the "guest" tab & scroll all the way down to view the     full guest list!

April 16, 2014 - Exhibitors space is now on sale! Email us to         Rangerstop.com@aol.com for info or click on the                   "exhibitors" tab! Book space early! It's filling up quickly =)

April 1, 2014 - VIP Passes are now on sale! Includes all 3 days        of admission! Includes Special Friday preview! VIP Dinner w/      the Power Ranger (Sat Nov 8th 7pm-9pm), Early access to       panels, Express ticket pick up & much more perks to be           added! Limited to 100 VIP passes! They are selling fast &         won't last long! Kids 12 & Under must purchase a Dinner           Only Ticket to attend Sat Night Dinner w/ the Rangers!

April 8, 2014 - Hotel Rooms now available at the Holiday Inn!           (The Convention location!) Call 1-407-351-3333 and mention       Rangerstop for Group Rate! Rooms start at $79 a night! Free       parking, Free wifi

April 1, 2014 - 3-day Weekend Admission ONLY $25! (limited          time). Includes Friday night preview (Friday night tickets          are not available at the door w/e of the show!), Also              includes an express ticket pick-up! Kids 12 & Under in              FREE w/ Paid Adult (Visit our "buy ticket" pages for all            the info!

April 1, 2014 - 8x10 Photo Ops available! Prices/options                  available on our "buy tickets" page! Must be purchased in          advance before the show & photo-ops are very limited! Buy        them now! 

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Catherine Sutherland just added to Rangerstop's Superhero Toy/Comic Con !!!
Zeo/Turbo Panel w/ Nakia Burrise, Catherine Sutherland, Steve Cardenas, Blake Foster & Hilary Shepard Sat Nov. 8th! Only at Rangerstop!
Tickets now on sale!!! Rangerstop Orlando November 7-9!